Due to the yearly maintenance program :-    Holes 10 to 18 will be closed from 17.6.24 to 14.7.24    -    Holes 1 to 9 will be closed from 15.7.24 to 18.8.24

John Sanford Design

Facility Details

The golf course designed by John and his team along the Red Sea coastline stands outnot only for its stunning aesthetics but also for its sustainable approach to golf course design.

Situated in a pure desert environment, the project posed significant challenges due to the scarcity of water and the strong winds prevalent in the region at certain times of the year. 

To address these challenges, John and his team opted for a highly sustainable approach. They selected a strain of paspalum grass, specifically Sea Dwarf for the greens and Seashore for the fairways. 

Paspalum is known for its drought resistance and ability to thrive in high-salt environments, making it an ideal choice for a desert

golf course. This choice not only ensures year-round playability but also minimizes water consumption.

In addition to the paspalum grass, the landscape features 1200 date palms and 200 Washingtonians, which not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the course but also contribute to its sustainability. One of the standout features of the course is its topography, which John and his team

skillfully manipulated to create unique and challenging holes. Holes 11 and 16, in particular, showcase the team's expertise in shaping the landscape, with steep undulations that add excitement and character to the course.

Sanford Design's experience in the region, coupled with John's affinity for Egypt's No. 1 Golf Resort, underscores the success and significance of this project in the context

of golf course design in desert environments.